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Are We Letting AI Take Over Our Meetings?

Are We Letting AI Take Over Our Meetings?


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Adam and Peter talk about the implications of AI tools entering the workplace like Google's new Duet assistant. It can join meetings and summarize conversations on your behalf - but is this the future we want?

We explore how Duet enables meeting multitasking and avatar delegates.
But will this multiply meeting overload and lead to poor decisions? Is it removing human connection?

Comparisons are made to Dilbert cartoons where AI takes over simple tasks but creates new complexities. More philosophy than practical tips this time, we dive deep on if AI avatars dehumanize collaboration.

We ask ourselves if soon real and virtual participants will become indistinguishable.
A provocative look at potential pros and cons of AI disrupting meetings.

Duet AI for Google Workspace now generally available | Google Workspace Blog

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10 Minutes AI News
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