Jul 11 • 12M

#11 - There Will be no Programmers in 5 Years

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Adam Egger
🎙️ Your Path to Success in AI "At the end of this decade, two kinds of companies will exist: Those fully harnessing AI and those out of business." - Peter Diamandis Welcome to our AI-powered journey, where we unveil the boundless potential of AI! 🤝 Join the hosts Adam Egger and Peter Dern as they navigate the AI frontier, revealing how businesses can thrive amidst this technological marvel. From advanced ChatGPT features to new AI applications, we decode the secrets that position you for triumph in the AI-driven era. 🏆💼 💡 Get ready to gain a competitive edge and future-proof yourself by embracing AI. As your #ChiefAIOfficer, our mission is to empower you with actionable wisdom to outshine the competition and secure your team's destiny. 🚀🌟 🔎 Let's conquer the AI revolution together! #AIRevolution #ChatGPT #FutureForward #ai #aipodcast
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🎙️ Join us in Episode 11 as we dive deep into the topic of programming jobs in the future.

💡 In this thought-provoking conversation, we explore the disruptive forces reshaping the programming landscape. Tune in to gain insights into the future of programming and discover the skills and strategies you need to thrive in the digital era.

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