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#13 - AI - The Perfect Boyfriend or Girlfriend

AI - the future of relationships?

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Adam Egger
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In this episode, we discuss a study involving PTSD patients divided into two groups: one group conversed with a human psychiatrist, while the other group conversed with a digital avatar. The findings revealed that patients were more forthcoming with the bot due to its patient and non-judgmental nature.

We mention how movies like "X Machina" and "Her" anticipated this development years ago, highlighting the rapid progress in the field of artificial intelligence.

We also talk about the business potential of teaching bots to mimic humans and renting time with them for a fee. We give examples of renting time with influential figures like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk with AI tools like character.ai or replica.ai that create replicas of other individuals for conversation purposes.


00:00:00 The Philosophical Implications Of Biased Systems And The Speed Of Change

00:01:40 Social Media Influencer Profits By Renting Her Ai Replica And Charging $1 Per Minute

00:03:52 Innovative Business Model: Renting Time With Ai Bots Resembling Famous Personalities

00:08:18 Advantages Of Digital Avatars In Conversations With Ptsd Patients Identified In Study

00:12:35 Focusing On Teaching Ai Language Fluency And The Need For Regulation

Key Takeaways:

1. A study was conducted on PTSD patients, with one group conversing with a human psychiatrist and the other with a digital avatar.

2. Patients were more forthcoming with the bot because it was patient, available 24/7, and non-judgmental.

3. Surprisingly, there are many advantages to interacting with a digital avatar compared to a real human being.